My name is Mike Levchenko
and I want to move to Cyprus
to work in your company
I've been designing websites for the past 6 years and been in the design field for more than 9. I've designed everything from small landing pages to complex internal interfaces with more than 100 screens.

Last couple of years I worked for SwissRe Reinsurance Company (the world's second-largest reinsurer), lead the UX/UI vision of the application and managed a small team of 2 designers. The process of making an insurance deal is very complex but I got into completely new field for me pretty easily and started developing new features right away
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For the past 3 years I’ve been working in one company on one application. First 2 I introduced new features in old interface and last year we’ve completely redesigned the application to Material UI. That was huge amount of work and it’s the work I’m most proud of. But I can’t show it to you due to NDA so I will show you blurred screens from Figma with explanations of what’s on them. Sorry for that.
Insurance Company Interface
That’s the board with components

Everything’s there. Starting from colors, text fields and buttons to big chunks of the application that repeat on several pages. Using components and Figma drastically improved the time for developing and making chages in the application.
That's one of the boards with pages

All possible states and types of pages can be found on the screens like this.
That’s the board showing interaction

To make everything 100% clear for the developers, testers and business analytics I make prototypes to show how things should work.
As I cannot show you my main work I prepared several concepts to show you my design skills.
This one is for a planner with roadmap-like approach. You can see who’s working on what at the moment and check or plan the future development
Application Concept
Several screens of mobile apps I redesigned for fun and practice
Mobile Applications
Before heading to my current job and working on one big project made UI for different websites in smaller company.
Even 4 years later they still look nice and modern.
B2B Live Websites
Contextual advertising optimiser platform. Shows the interface, features
and advantages of the tool
Internet advertisment agency.
Shows all the services, clients, reviews and cases of the past work.
Many of the Cyprus IT companies are in the financial sector so I decided to make concept for a screen to track track your portfolios
Tracking Portfolios
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