My name is Mike Levchenko
and I am a Product Designer
with years of experience
I've been designing websites for the past 7 years and been in the design field for more than 9. I've designed everything from small landing pages to complex enterprise websites with more than 100 screens.
I'm good at
Designing data-heavy applications
For 4 years I've been working on an insurance company interface with a lot of data, hundreds of screens and states
I'm a table guru. I know how to make tables readable and improve their usability
Figma became a major tool for UX design lately. I've been using it for the past 2 years and know a lot of trick how to speed up the process of design
Organization of the process
I have a lot of experience in setting the processes inside a team. Using Agile everybody knows what to do, which state each department is at and when new features will be rolled out. No stress, everybody’s happy
User research
I know and performed a lot of user researches from creating personas to holding interviews with end users
If you want to know more download my CV
For the past 4 years I've been working in one company on one application. First 2 I introduced new features in old interface and last year we've completely redesigned the application to Material UI. My role was a senior designer and I had 2 juniors to help me with a massive amount of screens and states.
Insurance Company Interface
All possible states and types of pages can be found on the screens like this. I’ve spread them into multiple categories presented on their respective pages to make navigation easier
To make everything 100% clear for the developers, testers and business analytics I make prototypes to show how things should work.
Analyze videos of users using our old application
Skype interviews with end users and business analysts
Made userflow graphs to check which steps can be united or automated
Prepared several options of interactive prototypes with different structure approaches
Went to Switzerland to show it to the users, discuss some of the theories
After the discussion and checking how users interacted with the prototypes we’ve had a pretty good impression of what users needed
Here's what we did with the team
Created the final mock ups in Figma in collaboration with the developers and testers so all the features were possible to make and all scenarios covered
It took our team about 7 months from initial sketches to the working application. Considering the complexity it's a very good result
200+ screens are ready to develop!
Due to NDA I cannot show you the actual screens.
So here are some of the screenshots that demonstrate the amount of work. Sorry for that.
Please check my visual skills in the projects below
That's the board showing interaction
That's one of the boards with pages
Yamms Delivery App
Occasionally we get some side projects.
It's always like a breath of fresh air for me, helps to learn new techniques and be more efficent
To check how I work and organize things have a look at the Material design tables I made in Figma. Super easy to customize, fill and resize.
It drastically improved the time spent making tables for me and the team.
The Ultimate Tables
Everything scales perfectly! With the needed 32px between the columns
You can freely use it in your projects as well
Banking App
To show you the way I work here's a glimpse of my exploration, analysis and benchmarking of banking applications
To kickstart new projects I created my own UI kit.
Everything’s there has styles, certain colors and master components. This way you can change the design literally in a few clicks and adapt it to any project.
My own UI kit
Also I've created several types
of typical cards
You can freely use it in your projects
The cards scale perfectly!
Here's an example of Sales Analytics dashboard you can create with it

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